New Generation is an international movement of Christian young people who are taking Jesus love to their schools and universities.

New Generation is the youth that sits next to someone lonely in the corridor and it is the New Generation-group that hands out breakfast in school/university a completely normal Thursday. It is the youth that hands out a bible to a classmate for Christmas and it is the New Generation-group that does an anti-bullying outreach. Only to show Gods love and that the Christian life is about others.

For New Generation the school and university is the most important place and it is an environment where the Christian message of love is needed in words and deeds. New Generation is young Christians from all denominations who wants to make a positive difference in their schools and universities.

If you work in a church...

New Generation is a movement of young Christians, taking Jesus to their schools and universities. Young Christians from all denominations, that both want to and can make a positive difference at their schools and universities. This is what New Generation wants to support and stimulate on a global level.

We want to be a tool for the youth work of your church and help the vital work that your church is doing among young people. We believe the schools and universities is more or less the most important place in the world, since everybody goes there, and we see these places as missionfields where the Christian students are the key to reaching the next generation.


What does the connection to New Generation offer?


Material & resources

Registered New Generation groups have access to concrete help and material, for example posters, outreach material, affordable Bibles and other products. The NG groups also have their own contacts at the NG office who offers help and support.


IDEAS & inspiration

An unbelievable creativity bubbles among the New Generation groups, but sometimes a little help is needed to get going! New Generation groups get monthly emails with new ideas and inspiration.



There is strength to being part of a network with people in similar situations. New Generation acts as a platform and meeting place where young people can inspire and help each other.



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