3 ways to make your NG group grow!

You can grow in different ways with your NG group. The growth can be litteral, as in gaining new members, but also in the aspect of growing in your dedication, relationships and faith. Here are three tips how:

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To grow in new members
Let your school know that you exist - To be able to make your group grow in new members you need to make yourself visible at the school. In that way, anyone who is interested, can find the group and join it. There are tons of ways to spread the word about your group, here’s a few concrete examples:

  • Put up posters - Use a poster to inform your school when and where your group gatherings will take place. You can also post information for contacting the group leader or the groups social media accounts.

    • Social media accounts - Today we spend a lot of time on social media, which makes these accounts a good way for your NG group to reach out to new, potential members. Your classmates can easily follow you and get relevant information about the group, but also use it to get in touch with you.

    • Talk to your classmates - Give you classmates a personal invite to your group meetings, It’s one of the most effective ways to increase the number of members in your group.

    • Visit lectures - Ask your teachers if it’s okay to officially present the group to other students during lecture. It’s easier for new members to join the group if they know there will be familiar faces when they visit a meeting.

    • Present the group at church -  Maybe there are more Christians at your school that you don’t know about. Visit different churches in town to find out and invite them to join the group!

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To grow in dedication
Split the responsibilities between you -  Feeling engaged and involved is an important part of growing in dedication. Divide the tasks you have on your group’s to-do-list and share the different responsibilities that comes with having a group. For example: have someone responsible for the outreaches and for someone to prepare and share a bible verse or testimony at the meeting. It can be a good idea to divide the tasks after what each of you likes to do. This is also a good preparation for the group leader when he/she is about to hand over the leadership of the group to the next leader.

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To grow in faith and relationship
Initiate a good culture - Encourage each other and make sure everyone in the group feels welcomed. The NG group can really work as an energy source that encourages the members to continue spreading God’s love at the school. Use the meetings to refresh each other by sharing your faith with one another and pray together. Having a warm and welcoming fellowship also makes it easier for new people to join the group. And of course, pray together!

ResourceMaria Gustafsson