Bibel Reading plan - all the way to the summer

Reading the Bible regularly is like carb loading before you do something physically strenuous. You ensure that you have enough energy and power in your body so it will last throughout the whole race. Fuel yourself with Gods word during the spring and finish this semester on top.

You can follow this Bible plan, and before the summer you've read The gospel of Mark, First Timothy and The Book of Esther. Simply a good mix of the gospels, the letters, and The Old Testament. Of course, you can adjust the plan after your conditions and just follow parts of the plan - the most important thing is to reload with the Bible. Read for yourself or together with your NG group.


w.13 Est ch. 1, Mark ch. 1-2

w.14 Est ch. 2, Mark ch. 3-4

w.15 Est ch. 3, Mark ch. 13-14

w.16 Est ch. 4, Mark ch. 15-16

w.17 Est ch. 5, Mark ch. 5-6

w.18 Est ch. 6, Mark ch. 7-8

w.19 Est ch. 7, Mark ch. 9-10

w.20 Est ch. 8, Mark ch. 11-12

w.21 Est ch. 9, 1 Tim ch. 1-2

w.22 Est ch. 10, 1 Tim ch. 3-4

w.23 1 Tim ch. 5-6