“I Am With You”


>> Joshua 1:9

Joshua lived during a time when the people of Israel were wandering after they’d left Egypt. Their leader Moses had led the people out of slavery and now they were on their way to the promised land that God had said that he would give them. Eventually, when it is time for them to step in to this new land, the time has come for Moses to hand over leadership and Joshua is the one who is going to take over.

Obviously, this must have been super scary and Joshua must have felt small in the face of this great task. Just as we can feel sometimes. But then God reminds Joshua that “I am with you” (Joshua 1:9).

To sometimes take a leap of faith and shoulder more responsibility than we think we can handle, is never about what we can achieve in ourselves - but it is about the fact that God never leaves our side. We do not have to fear because God is with us every step of the way.