The Ultimate Outreach Idea?

Have you ever wondered how one comes up with an outreach idea…?! You and the New Generation group might know that you want to really go for it with an outreach, but the question is just…HOW?

For this post we’ll focus on how to get the idea workshop running in your head👇🏽


Start by ironing out what your situation is like. You can do that by asking yourself these questions:
What are our interest and what do we like to do?
• What’s the atmosphere like at our school/uni?
• What would our school/uni appreciate?
• What do we think is important to communicate to our fellow students? What do we want to say?


To get your idea brain going a good tip is to start of with a creative exercise. For example you can take two minutes and come up with as many areas of use as possible for an egg…! Or you could write a story on a specific theme with as many words as possible. Anything that helps you think outside the box is helpful!

When you’ve done this: start thinking freely and dare to really brainstorm! To remember what is being said it can be helpful to take notes or make a mindmap.


When you had an idea, the next step is to get to it! Set a date for when the outreach should take place and decide who in the group is responsible for what.

Will the outreach cost money to see through? In that case it can also be a good idea to brainstorm how you’ll collect the money. One tip could be to ask your church to help fund your outreach.

During the whole process with the outreach - don’t forget to pray!