Make your NG group visible with these new posters!

We can now happily tell you that we have 3 new posters for you!

Here is the new posters and some ideas for how you can use them on your schools or university. If you want to download the posters you can either download them under the pictures here, or go to Your NG group and download them there! 


Christian at school?

If you want people to know that they’re not alone with their faith you can put this poster up. You can also put them up if you don’t know if anyone else in your school is Christian you can put this up and write down your contact information!



Join the NG group

You can use this poster as a invite to your open meetings. You can write the time and place where you’re meeting up, so everyone has a chance to come. It’s a great resource to make your NG group visible at school.



We want to spread love at school

This poster you can use in many different ways. You can put them up while you have an outreach. If your NG group has a own room or place to have the meetings, then you can put the poster up there as a motivation or as a vision for your school group!